How To Podcast 2015 By Paul Colligan

How To Podcast 2015 by Paul Colligan

Featured Book: How To Podcast 2015

“4 Simple Steps to Broadcast Your Message To The Entire Connected Planet… Even If You Don’t Really Know What Podcasting Is.” Written By Paul Colligan

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How To Podcast In Just 4 Simple Steps

Don’t Waste Days (Or Weeks) Learning To Podcast Like An Audio Nerd Or Computer Geek … Launch Your Podcast (Today) In Just Four Simple Steps

Make Your Podcast FAST And Get It Online For The Connected World To Subscribe To, Download And Act On
You’re wasting time and money listening to “expert” advice about podcasting. You don’t need expensive equipment and an audio engineer to make a podcast that people will love and listen to. People want to know to what you have to say and it is easier than ever before to let them.

I have published dozens of podcasts and have launched some of my clients to number 1 in their categories – many to the top ten of iTunes. My simple 4 step process has seen millions of combined podcast downloads as has been proven to work time and time again. I know what it takes to get a podcast out, quickly, so that you can get your message to an audience that responds. In my book, I show you how easy podcasting is. Plus, I teach you how to (quickly) make a podcast that sounds great, without having to “engineer” a thing.

Step 1 – Make Digital Media
Is is easier than ever before to produce great sounding digital audio (and video) with inexpensive equipment and professional software that you can access for free.

Step 2 – Put It Online
Podcast media requires a little special attention when placed online. Learn how to get your content on the Internet so that everyone can reach it that wants to. As a special bonus I show you how to get your media hosted on professional podcasting servers for less and a pizza per month.

Step 3 – Make It Podcast Ready
The process of making your online media ready for podcasting – on all platforms – is simple and easy and only has to be done once. Make sure you do it right the first time (in minutes) and let the computers handle everything else from that point on.

Step 4 – Tell The World
A podcast is nothing if the world doesn’t know it exists. Part 4 gives you what you need to do to make sure the right people know your podcast is available to them. You know the podcast world is bigger than Apple – I’ll show you how to make sure everyone important knows you exist.

And More!
I asked some of the smartest in the industry to comment on how they follow these four steps to their own incredible podcast successes. Heard of podcasting luminaries John Lee Dumas, Michael Stelzner, Amy Porterfield and Gary Leland? They’re in this book too – as well as a great batch of others that we can all learn great things from. The podcast knowledge represented by this group is, truly, priceless – and represents the combined experience of millions of more podcast downloads.

And the bonuses, don’t forget the bonuses. At the time of writing this, more than $900 of bonuses are available to anyone who registers their book. This could change at any time, so grab your copy today.

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Start podcasting TODAY and publish your show at Apple, Stitcher, and the entire connected planet.

Normal Price $14.95, Our Price $9.95!

About The Author:
Paul Colligan Paul Colligan helps others leverage technology to expand their reach (and revenue) with reduced stress and no drama. He does this with a lifestyle and business designed to answer the challenges and opportunities of today’s ever-changing information economy. If you are looking for titles, he is a husband, father, 6-time best-selling author, podcaster, keynote speaker and CEO of He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughters and enjoys theater, music, great food and travel.

Paul believes in building systems and products that work for the user – not vice versa. With that focus, he has played a key role in the launch of dozens of successful web and internet products that have garnered tens of millions of visitors in traffic and dollars in revenue. Previous projects have included work with The Pulse Network, Traffic Geyser, Microsoft and Pearson Education. In addition, he’s helped dozens of authors launch their books into best-sellers on Amazon, Podcasters to #1 at iTunes, and has been the secret weapon behind millions of video views at YouTube. Topics of passion include (but are not limited to): new media content creation, multicasting, product development, and lifestyle design.

Paul’s unique take on the internet can be seen, heard and read on web shows, including The Podcast Report; books, including the Kindle Bestsellers Cross Channel Social Media Marketing and YouTube Strategies 2014; as well as several publications, both on and offline, as varied as the Huffington Post and The Net Effect. He is a popular speaker on internet technology topics and frequently speaks online, on the air and before audiences about his passions. He has presented at events around the world that which include Google Tech Talks, Inbound Marketing Summit, Social Media Marketing World and more.

If you are interested in his latest projects and/or thoughts on the industry that has been so good to him, there is plenty more to read, watch, and ponder at

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