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Issue 27 of Podertainment, the Podcast Magazine available in iTunes!

Podertainment Podcast Magazine June Issue 27

The May Issue of my podcast magazine is now available, and is complete with videos, articles, and tools for anyone looking to start or grow a new podcast. It is also a great resource for anyone that is a current podcaster, and wants to improve their skills, equipment, and audience.

The May issue is packed with podcasting tips, advice, and new tech! Featured videos this month from Podcast Movement, Jeff Sieh on Mastering Podcast Promotion with Pinterest, Instagram, and Other Platforms. Also featuring a presentation from Frank Leonard on Breaking Off to Break Out.

Podcast Repairman, Podcasting Done Right!

Letter from our editor Steve Stewart, Addicted to Podcasting, he writes about “Every Podcast Can Monetize If You Pick the Right Model.

Starting this month off with another article from Jessica Kupferman talking about “Ways To MeetUp and Build Community at Conferences” in her column Tune In and Turn It Up.

Kien Tran continues his Product Reviews & How-To’s in his article “Samson Go Mic Connect Review”.

Jeffrey Powers thinks Outside the Podcast Box and tells us how “What I learned Making a 360 VR Video Podcast”.

On Ask The Podcast Coach, Dave Jackson writes “Guest Booking Services”.

Back with his column on Product Reviews & How-To’s “What is Mix-Minus?” by Kien Tran.

New guest writer, Patrick Hallowell, writes in Podcasting For Joggers “Literally Running Away With His Podcast.

In the Production Corner we have details on the iTunes Update that Changes the Steps to Convert to MP3.

Our second guest writer is Amanda Kingsmith’s section Almost to 100 Episodes, “Confessions of a Podcast Hater”.

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You get all this, and more in the May Issue of Podertainment Magazine. Be sure and subscribe on iTunes. At only $12.99 a year this is cheaper than a cup of coffee every month!

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