Issue 29

Issue 29 of Podertainment, the Podcast Magazine available in iTunes!

Podcast Magazine Issue 29

Each Issue of my podcast magazine is available and complete with videos, articles, and tools for anyone looking to start or grow a new podcast. It is also a great resource for anyone that is a current podcaster, and wants to improve their skills, equipment, and audience.

The July Podcast magazine issue is packed with podcasting tips, advice, and new tech! 2 Featured videos this month from Podcast Movement. First, Darrell Darnell, Bear Claws & Barbecue “How to Get 20% Faster at Editing Audio and Enjoy the Stuff You Love”. Our second video is from Shannon J. Hernandez “10 Essentials that Podcasters Must Learn from Terrestrial Radio.

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Starting this month off with a guest article from Amar Vyas talking about “WhatsApp for Podcast Distribution”.

Kien Tran continues his Product Reviews & How-To’s in his article “Sennheiser MKE 440 Cameratop Microphone”.

On Ask The Podcast Coach, Dave Jackson writes “So You Want To Sound Like NPR?”.

Jeffrey Powers thinks Outside the Podcast Box and tells us how “What I learned Making a 360 VR Video Podcast”.

Our second guest writer returns this month is David Pissara who writes “Creating Content Calenders”.

Our third guest writer this month is Jason Norris of OnTheGoFW, writing about “Podcasting Local”.

Issue 29 of The #1 Podcast Magazine for Podcasting, Videos, Articles, Resources & More!
You get all this, and more in the July Issue of Podertainment Magazine. Be sure and subscribe on iTunes. At only $12.99 a year this is cheaper than a cup of coffee every month!

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