Issue 32

Issue 32 of Podertainment, the Podcast Magazine available in iTunes!


Each Issue of my podcast magazine is available and complete with videos, articles, and tools for anyone looking to start or grow a new podcast. It is also a great resource for anyone that is a current podcaster, and wants to improve their skills, equipment, and audience.

This issue is packed with podcasting tips, advice, and new tech,  2 videos. 1st The 2016 Academy Of Podcasters Awards. Our second video is from Kimberly Falker with Grow Your Audience – In Spite Of Yourself!

Podcast Repairman, Podcasting Done Right!

Starting this month off guest writer David Pisarra brings us his article “How to Publish That Book: Part 1”

Brian Ibbott writes in his segment Covering the Bases with his article “Extreme Podcast Makeover: Heavy Cardboard”.

One of this months video of this month’s is The 2016 Academy of Podcasters Awards.


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You get all this, and more in the October Issue of Podertainment Magazine. Be sure and subscribe on iTunes. At only $12.99 a year this is cheaper than a cup of coffee every month!

Podertainment in iTunes

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