Issue 3

Issue 3 of Podertainment, the podcast magazine available in iTunes!

Podertainment The Podcast Magazine Issue 3

This is the May 15th issue, and is full of great information for anyone looking to start a podcast. It is also a great magazine for anyone that is presently podcasting, and just wants to learn more about it.

This month we have two exclusive videos for you again. The first video is a clinic filmed at New Media Expo given by Kenn Blanchard from His clinic is titled The Power Of Niche Marketing.

The second exclusive video is an interview with Cliff Ravenscraft better known as The Podcast Answerman. Cliffs website is

Of course all our regulars are back. We start off with Kien Tran’s “review of the BossJock App.”.

Then Brian Ibbott talks about Cleaning Up after Yourself – Editing your Podcast.

Next up is Daniel J. Lewis with his article “Why You Need Great Show Notes and how to Improve”.

On Ask The Podcast Coach, David Jackson talks about “Priceless Examples of Podcasting that aren’t about Money”.

Rob Walch gives us “THE Reason Bloggers need to Podcast” in this month 411 On Podcasting.

Todd Cochrane is back with his column Trends and Insights. This month he has “The Holy Grail of Podcast Statistics Listener Listen Percentages”.

Also returning is Rob Greenlee with his great article “Podcast Content vs. Distribution: Is the Battle just Beginning?”.

Jeffrey Powers article this month is “Disrupting the Broadcaster”.

Jessica Kupferman talks writes about “How to give Great Interviews”.

And last but not least Dan Franks says “There’s More than one way to be sexy in Business”

You get all this, and more in the May Issue of Podertainment Magazine. Be sure and subscribe on iTunes. At only $12.99 a year this is cheaper than a cup of coffee every month.

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