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Issue 4 of Podertainment, the podcast magazine available in iTunes!

Podertainment The Podcast Magazine Issue 4

This is the June 15th issue, and is full of great information for anyone looking to start a podcast. It is also a great magazine for anyone that is presently podcasting, and just wants to learn more about it.

This month we have two exclusive videos for you again. The first video is a clinic filmed at New Media Expo given by Angelo Mandato from His clinic is titled Podcasting With WordPress As A Business Tool.

The second exclusive video is an interview with Todd Cochrane from Geek News Central, along with many other podcasting sites

Of course all our regulars are back. We start off with Kien Tran’s “Review of Pocket Casts”.

On Ask The Podcast Coach, David Jackson talks about “It Takes More Than Passion”.

Rob Walch gives us “The First And Last Word on the CBR vs. VBR Question” in this month 411 On Podcasting.

Todd Cochrane is back with his column Trends and Insights. This month he has “Digging Deep into Mobile Podcast Statistics”.

Also returning is Rob Greenlee with his article “Could Audio Podcasting Potentially Help Save Journalism?”.

Jeffrey Powers article this month is “Catchphrases, Do You Use Them?”.

Jessica Kupferman talks writes about “Creative Marketing For Consistent Growth”.

Last but not least we have a guest article from Christian Psencik titled “Capyure Every Idea Instantly”

You get all this, and more in the June Issue of Podertainment Magazine. Be sure and subscribe on iTunes. At only $12.99 a year this is cheaper than a cup of coffee every month.

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Gary Leland

One thought on “Issue 4

  1. MoneyPlanSOS says:

    I loved Geekazine Jeremy Power’sarticle about Catchphrases. I have found catchphrases to be almost as important as a good logo and even more important than audio quality (yes, I said that out loud).
    My catchphrase came to me just as you described: It just happened. I cant point to a specific date but I do remember it took almost 30 episodes to reveal itself to me.
    I believe every Podcaster has a catchphrase, or tagline, or even a made-up word that will strengthen their brand – if you are “nicheing-down” then it is inevitable! It just takes time.
    By the way, do you know where the term “nicheing-down” came from? Or maybe “Wave to the Googles”? Anyone who watches/listens to Podcasters’ Roundtable will recognize it is Ray Ortega PodcastHelper .
    Ray has two cool catchphrases/taglines that we all love him for. He uses it appropriately and sparingly. We should all follow suite and use them as a rallying cry for our tribe (or at least let our audience feel as if they are part of the community).
    Great article Jeremy. I can’t wait to read the next one 😉
    BTW: You’re wondering what my catchphrase is, aren’t you? My podcast is about getting out of debt and spending purposely. So, in every episode I remind my audience to “Pay attention, not interest.” BAM!

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